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IT for Schools

In the 21st century, IT is the most marketable skill, regardless of one’s profession. Even a school dropout, with proficient IT skills can easily secure a well paid job on-site or on-line, given the right coaching.

It is therefore very laudable that IT is now a part of the syllabus from basic to secondary schools, yet most of the schools do not have IT Labs to aid teaching and learning. Recell is empowering deprived communities, public and private schools with sustainable computer laboratories to enhance learning and marketable skills training.

We also assist Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) with IT infrastructure and knowledge, in order to boost their productivity and growth.

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IT management

Performing updates can be compared to performing regular maintenance of a car. But upgrading to newer versions or adding modules is more like rebuilding a house. Furthermore the environment of IT changes daily. These are fairly profound actions. This is why continuous attention is required and also more and more knowledge. This is where Recell Ghana comes in to watch over your data and take care of your server to ensure that:

  • is always operational by continual monitoring it
  • is always up-to-date by automatic installation of updates
  • secure by monitoring internet traffic and checking for viruses

We do this by:

  • using open source software
  • performing statistical research on monitoring data
  • maintaining one version of the product

What is in for you?

  • an IT system which always works
  • an IT system which is always up to date
  • an IT system for a fixed price per month.

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