There is a huge influx of mobile phones into Africa, and Ghana with over 25 million people has more than 70% of the population using mobile phones. This has created a huge market for repairers of mobile phones in the country, and Recell is leveraging on technology to capitalize on the opportunity.


Recell’s State-of-the-art repairs academy is aimed at training professional, loyal and readily available technicians to repair phone/tablet and other devices.The maintenance and repairs department are always on their mark to respond rapidly to any calls made in respect of the services we provide at any time.

Recell also employs mobile technology to help you locate certified repair centers and damaged phones collection points nearby.In so doing, we create jobs for countless repairers nationwide, through skills enhancement and job referrals from our digital platform. Are you a repairer or wish to train as one? Or simply wish to join Recell’s platform? Then register with us [HERE]


We have both USED but well-tested and NEW spare parts and LCD for our clients at affordable prices.  We do both WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Come to us for your QUALITY yet AFFORDABLE and WELL-TESTED spare parts. You can also buy the best quality and original SPARE PARTS that you need to repair your mobile phones and tablets from us.