Welcome to Recell Ghana Limited

Recell-Ghana limited is a limited liability company with its head-office in Ghana and also active in Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Mali and Sierra Leone. Recell -Ghana offers the latest technology, the best but the least expensive and sustainable solutions, to extend the lifespan of mobile electronic devices through Repairs, Refurbishing, Reused, Component Harvesting, Recycling and Education.

Our businesses aim in achieving the following goals:

  • To enable everybody to own a smart phone and tablet at affordable prices
  • To enable foreigners (travellers) to reduce their telephone cost by renting and usage of local sim cards to make calls
  • A source of employment for the youth on the street and a way of improving livelihood in the community.
  • To add value to electronic waste by exchanging damaged electronics devices for something good in peoples life
  • To expand the lifecycle of mobile phones and tablets in the usage phase
  • To help reduce the improper disposal of electronic waste in our community to save our climate
  • To put electronic waste to a better use to save our natural resources
  • To help win back fully, all the metals in completely damage phones in a professional way to avoid health hazards, especially to the people of Abobloshie in Accra.

Our dedicated team members and the right partners we have on board are great strength to our success in achieving our goals in these businesses. We have very experienced management team who have contributed to the various companies from which they were poached from. They are great assets to the growth of Recell-Ghana.

The CEO and the Board of directors are people with significant network and influence which also makes the operation very successful in Ghana and other African countries.

It is Recell-Ghana’s core value to continue improve upon her services to make it more attractive to win the patronage of people in and outside Africa, more especially in the places that Recell-Ghana operates and intend to operate in future.


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